New product released.  ThunderBlade V4.  It’s a external Thunderbolt 3 4x SSD.  With using 4 SSDs in RAID0 configuration and Thunderbolt 3 it should be one of the fastest consumer external hard solutions in the world.  It’s fanless thus requiring the large heatsink.  Those SSDs get really really hot and we had to go through 3 different designs in order to the thermal performance where it needed to be.  We actually had start thermal simulation order to get the final design.  It’s pretty expensive mainly because of the cost of SSDs.  It really for people needing really really fast storage like video editors.


High Speed Interfaces

circuit boardWhen I started to learn high speed design I was frustrated by the fact that necessary data on high speed interfaces was scattered across multiple places (specs, white pagers, data sheets, spec sheets, reference designs, etc..).

There really should be a central location that contains this information.  I started adding this data to Evernote and when I got frustrated with Evernote’s limited table functions I switched to OneNote and then I wanted to open this up so I crated a Google Sheets page and opened it up to editing.

I would really like to see this be updated by engineers and to be used a resource for high speed circuit design and layout.

See the PCB Design page for the table.

Movies Every Guy Should See

movie_nightHere is a list of some movies I think every guy should see.  These are off the top of my head so I’ll be adding more as I remember them.  Some are givens but others are lesser known.

New Office View

owcAt a new company, Other World Computing, as their engineering manager.