Signal and Power Integrity by Eric Bogatin

circuit boardSignal and Power Integrity by Eric Bogatin was recommended to me for learning how to do high speed PCB design.  I’m heavily dyslexic so it’s going to take me a bit to get through it so I think I’ll track my progress here.

Eric Bogatin also appears to have several articles on EDN and has a host of video courses on-line that appears to be sponsored by LeCroy

  • 2014.9.18 Chapter 1 done

New Engineering Page

circuit boardJust added a new page for Engineering resources.  Check it out.

MythBusters Drops/Fires Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

mythbustersOne word “bullshit”!

Video link.


Dark and Stormy Nights

I love murky 30-50 style scary/funny movies like Murder by Death, Clue, Private Eyes, and Dark and Stormy Night.

I need a manor house on a hill, with hidden passages, with the only access across a old bridge, and built in a location that has mostly raining nights.

Tolteq has new website

Tolteq has a new website design.  It’s still based off of wordpress but has been majorly updated and looks great.  Getting back to be able to focus on design work and systems is already paying off.  Being able to get more time in Altium Designer is great.

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