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owcAt a new company, Other World Computing, as their engineering manager.

Tolteq has new website

Tolteq has a new website design.  It’s still based off of wordpress but has been majorly updated and looks great.  Getting back to be able to focus on design work and systems is already paying off.  Being able to get more time in Altium Designer is great.

New Position at Tolteq

circuit boardI have a new position at Tolteq, System Architect.  I was the engineering supervisor (manager), but I really didn’t like managing much and plus I was not very good at it.  Now I get to focus on all the technical stuff and do research and development.  Less meetings, more design work, and I’m able to mark tasks and assignments (JIRA) as finished much quicker.

Home Construction


My religious views have changed, evolved if you will (wink wink), over the years.  I was raised a Christian in Methodist/Baptist churches in east Texas.  I never really questioned anything I was “thought” in church and bible school over the years.

My family was religious but not overly so.  If we missed church, it was not big deal; my dad didn’t attend church much; we were not involved in church extra activities, but we never really questioned anything we were thought.  In that area (southern United States, Texas, and east Texas to be specific) it is generally assumed/taught that the United States is a Christian nation based on Christianity; although it is most certainly not in either1 case but more on that latter. Read More »