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Mac Shortcomings

After using the Mac for several months now, I’ve found some shortcomings.  Below is a running list.

  • Finder is very limited, I like Pathfinder better UPDATE this is known in the Mac community and has been a sore spot for a while now
  • copying files is very limited, can’t “merge” folders, very limited when compared to Ubuntu Unity and Windows 7 *WTF*
  • Windows Management – can’t snap to edges of screen, not even a 3rd party app UPDATE found a program called Cinch that does some of this
  • Windows Management – can’t maximum windows UPDATE found out this is not true
  • a lot of wasted space on the side of the dock
  • Dashboard is completely useless, you can’t put widgets on the desktop *WTF*
  • App Store – missing some very important apps (Firefox, VLC, LibraOffice, etc..), it looks like Apple is not trying to get open source applications in the store
  • no automated uninstall system
  • installing apps is not very straight forward UPDATE I’ve gotten used to Mac method and it’s not so bad
  • iPhoto completely sucks UPDATE this is known in the Mac community and has been a sore spot for a while now


I recently got an iMac.  It’s the late 2011 low end version 21.5 inch version.  Below are the specs.:

  • 21.5
  • 2.5GHz
  • 2.5GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 4GB (two 2GB) memory
  • 500GB hard drive1
  • AMD Radeon HD 6750Mwith 512MB

I’ve had the machine for about four weeks now and I’m starting to get used to the new operating system and hardware.  First thing that I found was that the new “magic” mouse sucks.  It’s terrible, chiefly because it hurts to use it.  I opted for the longer wired keyboard instead of the new shorter wireless keyboard.  The hardware is several steps up from my Win7 system.  The overall design is very nice and compact.

OS X (lion) is very smooth and for the most part intuitive.  The shortcuts  are a little different than Windows and Linux.  I have noticed some things in the OS X that remind me of KDE and Gnome on Linux.  I don’t know who copied who, but they are defiantly related.  The biggest change I’m still getting used to is the lose of being able to maximize a window.  I do find Finder limiting but I have found 3rd party app called Path Finder that files in the gaps.  I’m trying to use all Mac apps were possible, as I want to fully learn the Mac way of doing things.  In the past I have relied on open sources and google apps, and still do on the windows machines.  The dock is nice with some tweaks (2d mode at bottom, and some separators to space it out.  Software installation is easy through the app store and also via direct download.  I really wish more of the 3rd party apps were available through the app store.

I’ve stated compiling a list of applications that I use and I’ll added them to my software page.