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Mexican Coca-Cola

mexican-coca-colaMexican Coke is made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  I bought this bottle at HEB the other day, and you can taste the difference and it’s better.  Which makes me want to say…..

“I don’t always drink coke, but when I do I prefer coke made with sugar.”
“Stay thirsty my friends.”

Fox HD Sucks

fox_commonWhile watching Fringe on Fox HD (high def) channel on Suddenlink (College Station) about 3 minuties went blank.  I swear Fox HD can’t do anything right!  They constantly f*** up there HD broadcasts.

Well FOX HD still sucks, but they are getting better.  Also, this page accounts for the 3rd most popular site hit for my website so I’m not the only one seeing these issues.  Just google “fox hd sucks” and you get 651,000 results.  I/we should not expect to much from a network that has given use Fox News.