The new Digg version (v4) is up and running, and it sucks.

The reasons :

  1. less content (way less than before, 3 stories were on top news in 8 hour period)
  2. very buggy (getting better)
  3. the my news section being default (may be fixed shortly)
  4. links don’t open in separate tab (may be a bug)
  5. no picture section
  6. no videos section
  7. Digg is trying to be a like Facebook and/or Twitter (hint it’s not and shouldn’t try to be)

The less content/stories issue the biggest.  I use Digg as a filter for all the articles/pictures/videos on the internet.  If it can’t do that, then whats the point in Digg at all.

I really don’t understand organizations that take away features that many users/customers like or demand.  And when they don’t succeed they just try again latter.  Case-in-point the pictures section on Digg.  Digg got rid of it in a previous update and the users complained until it was put back, and now Digg has removed it again.