circuit boardOn this page you will find some good resources for electronics, engineering, and technology.

I’m an electronics engineer working in the Austin area and I have picked up a lot of various resources for helping in me in my career, beyond what the university taught me.  I’ve been more of a hands-on engineer than most and have focused on the hardware side of development.  The task that consumes most of my time is board design; which includes circuit design, schematic entry, board layout, ordering, populating, board check out, and board testing.  My preferred EDA is Altium Designer.

I’m just putting this page together and the content will grow over time.

A special note for IPC and IEEE.  They produce and maintain the de-facto standards for how to design, build, and maintain quality for the entire electronics industry.  UL, CSA, CENELEC, IEC, ISOITU, FM, and FCC are also a big players in defining standards and safety.



  • Altium Designer – EDA package for schematic entry and layout, known for it’s modern interface, unified environment (schematic + library + layout), and easy to learn
  • Labview – “graphical” programmed environment, really good for making testing and configuration software
  • Realterm – serial terminal for Windows, a must have for anyone done serial communication from a PC
  • Saturn PCB Design – PCB toolkit, really great resource for board layout
  • JIRA – web based task and project management system
  • Confluence – web based enterprise wiki, really good for documentation
  • Evernote – cloud based notes and documentation
  • Wunderlist – cloud based to-do list and tasks management
  • Office – mainly word and excel; Libraoffice is a good alternative


  • Wikipedia – the largest single source of online repository of knowledge
  • Google – if you don’t know something “google it”
  • 3D Content Central – free repository for 3D files for component footprint; I use the step files and import them in Altium for most of my 3d bodies
  • Circuit Lab – simple web based circuit simulator, good for basic stuff and sharing simulations
  • – good for PCB layouts
  • EEVBlog – David Jones’s vidoes and resources covering electrical engineering topics


When designing a board if Mouser or Digi-Key does not stock it I avoid it, unless the component is unique or special.

Board Shops

  • EI Connect – great for quick turn cheap PCBs
  • Advanced Circuits – great for quick turn cheap PCBs, more expensive than EI Connect but does have a little more capability
  • Roca Circuits – very high quality PCBs


The list below along with every single math, chemistry, physics, and engineering book you are required to get at university.  There are many others to numerous to list them all here.



  • TI-85 – graphing calculator, HP is also good but you have to learn RPN
  • DMMs – Fluke rules here
  • Oscilloscopes – Tektronics, Rigol, and Lecroy are all very good
  • Power Supplies – lots of different manufactures here
  • DAQ – National Instruments rules here
  • Logic Analyzers – I like the Saleae versions