KDE 4.3 is out and I’ve been using it for a little bit.  It’s better, but it’s still not stable and has performance issues.


KDE 4.0 sucked. KDE 4.1 is what KDE 4.0 should have been, it’s actually usable (for a linux guy). It is still not ready for everyday use, if you want stability or usability. There are still some problems (many of these are not directly the short comings of KDE but of other apps/programs that exhibit a problem under KDE 4), with the most important being stability and speed.


  • Dolphin crashes, alog – Konqueror (web) does not render many pages correctly (www.digg.com)
  • still missing features available in 3.5 series
  • several minor theme/widgets problems (nothing major) – no printer manager in the control panel
  • can’t mount network shares from file manager (dolphin)
  • after 8 years of using kde, they still can’t do this, Windows has does this (they call it mapping) for at least 10 years now **WTF**

Problems (3rd party)

  • very bad 2D performance using an Nvidia card with the Nvidia dirver (can be better with latest driver from nvidia and several xorg.conf and command line tweaks)
  • Firefox 3 tads look very bad using when using the gtk-qt-engine-kde4 theme (work around using Kde4 + Firefox3 theme)

Good features

  • looks good, mostly
  • Dolphin is usable (very good start, still needs some major usability work and more features)
  • Oxygen style is better than before, still needs tweaking
  • Ozone is a better window theme than the previous Oxygen window theme, be sure to install gtk-qt-engine-kde4, as it can make your gtk based applications look like QT4 apps


KDE 4.1 should have been KDE 4.0 RC1. KDE 4.0 should have been KDE 4.0 Alpha 1. KDE 4.1 is not stable, and is not usable as a primary desktop. I hope that KDE 4.2 solves these problems, but we will have to wait until 2009 to find out. It looks like the developers have stop listening to the regular users.

Bottom Line

Normal user need to wait for KDE 4.2. Tech users can use KDE 4.1. KDE developers need to realize that Linux is much more popular now, and new releases to desktop environments can not come out with less features, in-stability, and more bugs then previous versions. KDE 2 was released in 2001, when Linux was almost exclusively used by tech people. Now normal “Joe Blow” people are using Linux, and they will not tolerate suck crap. More to come.

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