My sister has a new website selling dog accessories.

She did it without any of my help; bought the domain, created the site, and found hosting.™ is a premier on-line boutique that mixes a little Hollywood glamor with western chic to create fabulous rhinestone collars, dog t-shirts, accessories, coats and even some unique items for the discriminating Rodeo Dog™ owner. As a treasured member of the family, you want your precious pooch to look like a million bucks wherever you go.  Don’t attend one more social soiree without you and your Rodeo Dog™ being the most highly fashionable guests there!

Our boutique has only recently launched after many requests for our logo t-shirts and rhinestone collars.  Due to our inherent taste, we’re particularly persnickety about what we want to offer you and your dog.  Please pardon our lingering pace and check back regularly as we add more items!  Our boutique stocking philosophy is based on uniqueness and quality, not quantity.

We would be thrilled to hear your comments, suggestions or requests so please email us at or fill out a contact form below.  We would love to hear from you!