Suddenlink’s DVR is recording repeats.  I’ve created this post as Suddenlink does provides very little details about this issue and is inconsistent on the root problem and gives no time frame for when the issue is going to be fixed.  They do have a post on one of there sites, but it’s just passing the blame on one of there subcontractors (Rovi) and gives no time table for the fix.

See here for the un-offical cause of the problem:

“The digital video recorder or DVR relies on the i-Guide (digital channel guide) to tell it which TV show episodes are “new” and which are “repeats.” If a particular show is a repeat, but it’s not marked as a repeat in the i-Guide, the DVR assumes the show is new and records it.”

You can try to call tech support but you will get a different reason each time you call.  Either there tech support is not aware of the cause of the problem or Suddenlink is lying about the problem.

This is really frustrating as the fix should be very easy; 1 – make Rovi fix the issue, 2 – fire Rovi and get a new guide.

It’s really quite pathetic, as other cable/satellite companies and Tivo don’t have this issue.  Please leave comments if you are having this issue.